Monday, August 29, 2005


Hamish McShanks Delivery Failure

Good morning readers (or non-readers as is more often the case)

Hamish would like to apologise for the non appearance of yet another diary. I'm afraid Hamish is on holiday at the moment and forgot to give ye all a 'heads up' that there will be no diary this week. Now I know what yer thinking 'so where's last weeks baldy?' and all I can say in my defence is I am lazy.

No no no hear me out. As some of you may know I'm an early riser not a night owl. As a result last weeks backshift (working till 2am every night) took its toll. This coupled with getting completely rubbered on Friday night, having a hangover on saturday and general fatigue meant my creative juices dried up (were they ever flowing you cry)

On the plus side the weather forecast for this week is hurricane force winds and rainfall of biblical proportions so I may yet have a chance to put pen to paper (or key to stroke)

Many apologies I do realise there are a few poor deluded fools who actually look forward to getting this drivel each week. So to them I would simply say 'sorry mum'


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